Jaluino is a project aimed to provide development boards, based on modern PICs (18F serie). Though any supported language could be used, Jaluino was created with jalv2 language and jallib libraries in mind. You can also check this website for more: http://justanotherlanguage.org.

On some points, Jaluino boards looks like Arduino, but there aren’t compatible, that’s not the main goals. We instead try to provide very lost costs (manufacturing costs) PCB, sometimes kits. These are available as batch orders, check stocks if you’re interested, and/or reach Jaluino Group to ask for more information.

Currently two boards have been manufactured:

  • Jaluino Medium, an easy to build development board, powered by PIC18F4550, with USB and many more f eatures. It uses PTH components, easy to solder. PCBs are sometimes available.
  • Jaluino Bee, a much smaller board, using SMD components. It is harder to build, you need to know how to solder surface component. But it’s not impossible. Bee is powered by PIC18F27J53, includes USB, RTCC, SD-Card, and many more features. PCBs and kits are sometimes available.


Jaluino Medium v2.0


Jaluino Bee v2.0


Jaluino Library

Documentation library

Getting started with Jaluino Medium, user guide, tutorials, how-tos… This section provides every documentation related to Jaluino projects and shields.

Getting started with Jaluino. Follow instructions to download and install Jaluino IDE, configure your environment, test your board with “Blink a LED” sample, choose, install and configure a bootoader.

Jaluino Group

Discussion group

Having troubles, comments, suggestions, ideas ? Please report and share your experiments with Jaluino.

Project Hosting

Google Code

Jaluino is hosted by Google Code Project Hosting services. This is where you’ll finddownload section, issue tracker to report bugs and feature request, and SVN repository containing all sources and materials related to Jaluino.

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